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On these pages you can find out about how regeneration is affecting each area of North Solihull.

Here is the best place to keep up to date on everything that's going on, what plans we've made and how local people can help shape the plans for the future.

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Planning regeneration

For the regeneration project to be a success it is important to involve local people at every stage, so they can shape the future of their own neighbourhood.

So far we have planned 3 neighbourhoods Craig Croft, North Arran Way and Kingshurst and Babbs Mill and have developed a masterplan for each area.

Following our review of the strategic framework in 2009 the process for planning a neighbourhood and developing a spatial masterplan is now an approach based on clusters.

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The Cole Valley Vision

In Spring 2010 Alan Baxter and John Thompson and Partners (JTP) were appointed  by the North Solihull Partnership to work with the local community to develop a new masterplan for the area, which is being referred to as the Cole Valley Vision.

Cole Valley Drop-in Exhibition

We held a public drop-in exhibition on Saturday, 27th October 2012 which was very well attended. We had almost 200 people come to see our masterplan for the Cole Valley, including sites proposed for new housing development, improvements to green space and proposed changes to the Chester Road and Moorend Avenue.  

Since the drop in exhibition we have been carrying out further technical and design work which will be concluded in Autumn 2014.

Smith's Wood

In the future a master plan for the Lanchester cluster will be developed alongside the community and stakeholders and everyone within the cluster will have an opportunity to have their say. Significant investment has already been committed to this cluster: The new Lanchester School has opened Park Hall School has been redeveloped under the Building Schools for the future (BSF) programme and opened in October 2008 Over £500,000 invested into improving Lanchester Park Construction of 44 new homes completed on the Oaklands development In 2005, we worked with residents to develop a Neighbourhood plan for this area which was approved by the Council in November 2005.

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Chelmsley Wood

Following the strategic framework review which was agreed in June 2009 we are planning the regeneration based on a cluster approach which focuses on bringing forward regeneration activities centred around large scale investments such as new schools and villages centres.

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Kingshurst and Fordbridge

In 2005, we worked with local people and businesses to develop a Neighbourhood plan for the Kingshurst and Babbs Mill neighbourhoods. The Neighbourhood plan identified the physical regeneration plans for the area which included identifying some properties for demolition and new housing sites.

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